Folding instructions for Blunty

  • 1. In case you can not print on the full paper (e.g. with laser printers) you need to cut off the edges to get the right aspect ratio.

  • 2. Cut along the outer line (if you have printed out with the option showing folding lines).

  • 3. If you can print edgeless than you can start with the step nr. 4.
    You should now have your printed sheet in the right aspect ratio.

  • 4. Turn 90 Degree and search for the Black Line with the Number 1 beside and fold it along. So the upper right corner accross the sheet.

  • 5. Open the folded sheet again, search for Number 2 and fold the left upper corner to the other side down.

  • 6. Unfold again and no press the sides where the arrows (3) are to the middle like in the picture.

  • 7. You should get a nice peak.

  • 8. Fold this new peak so it is flat.

  • 9. Search vor number 4 on the right side and fold across the right upper layer to the middle and top.

  • 10. Do the same on Number 5 on the left side.

  • 11. Fold down the top peak across the line at number 6 to make the blunt nose of this model.

  • 12. Turn the sheet 90 degree and fold it up across line number 7.

  • 13. Fold down the wing at Number 8.

  • 14. Fold up the stabilizer on the wing tip (number 9).

  • 15. Turn around the sheet.

  • 16. Fold down the second wing across line number 10.

  • 17. Fold up the second stabilizer at the wing tip.

  • 18. You should be ready to go. Adjust the stabilizers and let if fly.

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